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Seitz Welcomes New Fabricators from St. Cloud Tech

Seitz Stainless is excited to welcome three new fabricators to the team. Pictured from left to right are Lucas Winskowski, Oliver Statz and Brandt Conklin. They signed on after Seitz sent a contingent to St. Cloud Technical College to do a presentation on employment opportunities. 

Lucas graduated in 2022 and was referred to Seitz from one of the school’s welding instructors after the presentation. Lucas spent the last few years as a chemical dependency counselor and welded on the side. He decided he wanted to pursue welding full time and came in for an interview.

Oliver graduated from St. Cloud Tech College May 12th, 2023. He worked at C4 for three months while going to school for welding.

Brandt graduated from St. Cloud Tech College May 12th, 2023. Brandt enlisted in the US Army National Guard in 2018 for 4 years. Brandt is excited to pursue a career in welding and fabrication.

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