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PMI Analyzer Ensures Quality Control

Seitz Stainless recently purchased a material analyzer or Positive Material Identification (PMI) probe for use in ensuring quality control and “Full Traceability” of stainless steel materials used in the fabrication of all equipment Seitz produces.

The handheld analyzer can be used on multiple grades of stainless steel materials and also distinguish the difference between the “L” (low carbon) and Straight grade versions of stainless steel materials. The unit also can assess many other alloys and measure the chemistry of any element in a given alloy to ensure the elements are within their specified parameters.

“This new PMI analyzer will help us ensure we are always working with the correct grade of stainless steel for each project,” said Seitz Stainless President Jeff Haviland. “It will allow us to eliminate mix-ups and identify unmarked material in seconds.”

The PMI analyzer uses laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for elemental analysis.

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