Experts in Sanitary Stainless Steel Fabrication

Seitz Stainless specializes in low-volume, high-value sanitary equipment such as evaporation systems, heat exchangers, vapor separators, cyclonic separators, dryers and dryer components, tanks and pressure vessels. We are ASME and National Board Code certified for manufacturing (U) and repair (R). Our team knows and understands 3A design, and has a close working relationship with USDA equipment inspectors. 



304, 316, 321 & 2205 duplex all available


Low-carbon, high-purity, nitrogen-bearing stainless alloy


High-strength, corrosion-resistant and easy to shape/form


Nickel, molybdenum, chromium and tungsten combined for corrosion resistance in many environments

Welding Technology

MIG, TIG, STT. Orbital tube-tube, tube-tubesheet.


Mill, 2B, #4, #7, electropolished, bead blast.

Featured Capabilities

We have the usual array of cutting and shearing equipment, such as this semi-automatic bandsaw.

Ultrasonic thickness checkers are used to verify stainless thickness.  A variety of borescope, video, and test equipment is used throughout the process to assure compliance.

One of the many borescopes for inspecting surfaces not readily accessible, such as the inside of tubes and piping.

The Mahr Pocket Surf is an industry standard for assuring the surface finish meets or exceeds dairy standards.

Transforming a sheet into a barrel by way of the DAVI plate roller.

Large tank rollers support this evaporator as we begin stuffing it with tubes using a mechanized hydraulic tube pusher.

A TriTool portable mill cuts the tubes to the perfect recess to assure proper weld where the ends are welded to the tubesheet.

Orbital tubesheet welder seal welds the end of each tube to the tubesheet.  These welds are then ground and polished to dairy standards.

Our bead blasting operation assures a uniform, rust-free exterior. We feature the largest bead blast booth in the industry, and the side lighting allows the operator to see clearly. 

High speed beveler prepares the barrel end sections for welding together.

Seam welder with roller transfer tables makes for fast, uniform work when turning sheets into barrel sections using the TIG – or Tungsten Inert Gas – process.

Vacuum lifters and heavy vinyl assure a mar-free surface when handling stainless sheets.

As an option, finished products can be shrink-wrapped for the trip to their final destination.

Have a product that is not listed?

If it is made of stainless steel, chances are we can build it. Please contact us for a quote!