Loading completed powder hoppers into a soft side van, right, and onto a flatbed, above.

Seitz Stainless

Custom and Contract Fabrication of Stainless and Alloy Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, and Custom Equipment for Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, and Semiconductor Applications



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Shop-fabricated deck for a dairy processor installation.

Particle classification cyclone.

Three evaporators leave the yard for California.

High pressure filter housing.

Hot air distribution duct of a box dryer.

Shimming and adjusting an agitator.

Shop-fabricated stainless frames for powder weighing hoppers.

Twelve foot diameter baghouse for the dairy industry.

Some of the fabricators pose in front of a reactor vessel for a corn syrup customer. This was number 14 of 14.

Sanitary powder ducts for a large spray dryer. Everything but the weld seems are protected by vinyl.

Two storage vessels for the dairy industry ready to go out.

Crating a dairy tank. Note the adjustable ball feet.

Code stamped cyclone for an industrial user.

Tablet storage and transport bins for a pharmaceutical customer.

Prior to shipment of this small evaporator, a plumb-bob is taped into the center of one of the tubes.  This is used for vertical alignment during installation.

Shop-built valve skid for CIP of a large brewery.

Chemical processor for an industrial customer.

Powder separation cyclone for a small dryer.

Tank mounted vacuum pump for a powder conveying line.

Vibro-fluidizing (shaking) bed dryer on a transport dolly inside our bead blast booth, ready to be pulled out.

CIP tank for the dairy industry.

Things we’ve built that we’re proud of.  Could we build one for you?

Twelve foot diameter baghouse.

Small holding (timing) tube for dairy.

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