Seitz Stainless

Custom and Contract Fabrication of Stainless and Alloy Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, and Custom Equipment for Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, and Semiconductor Applications



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Bead blasting operations are housed in a separate building to minimize carry-over and other potential problems.  Here, a little extra padding doesn’t hurt anything as the tank legs get bead blasted while the rest is protected with blast-resistant material.


      Stainless T-304, 316, 321, 2205 duplex.

      AL6XN, Incalloy, Hastelloy.

Welding Technology

      MIG, TIG, STT.

      Orbital tube-tube, tube-tubesheet.


      Mill, 2B, #4, #7, electropolished, bead blast.

Code Certifications

      ASME U, NBIC R.

Typical Projects

      Heat exchangers, pre-heaters, condensers.

      Holding tubes, process piping skids.

      Evaporators, dryers, dryer components.

      Ductwork, CIP tanks, balance tanks.

      Processors, pressure vessels, jacketed vessels.


Typical customers

      Food and dairy processors looking for replacement equipment or equipment repair.

      Food and dairy processors who don’t require complete turnkey systems or programming.

      Engineering firms with or without their own manufacturing capability.

      Manufacturers looking for overflow assistance when their own capacity is exhausted.

Joints up to twelve feet long are semi-automatically welded in this TIG seam welder.

The angle roller is used to fabricate stiffener rings or to roll tube or pipe into circles.

Numerous atmospheric tanks under construction in the shop. Various overhead and jib cranes assist in handling materials.

Although built before many of us were born, through upgrades and maintenance, our Cincinnati shear provides reliable service in cutting and squaring material.

Ultrasonic thickness gage (right) assures material thickness, and a Mahr PocketSurf profilometer (left) assures proper surface finish on incoming material and outgoing product. Surfaces are protected during fabrication by vinyl or heavy paper.

Licoln STT (for Surface Transfer Technology) is the most current technology for stainless welding. This replaces most of the MIG and some of the TIG operations.

Here a Miller MaxStar 350 inverter power supply (blue) is being used for hand TIG.  Our cart-mounted power supplies range from 180 Amps to 350 Amps.  Fixed-location welders run up to 500 Amps.  We also use a wide variety of rubber-tired tank rollers and positioners such as the one above.  The big rollers are rated up to 200 Tons.

This machine adds protective vinyl or heavy paper to incoming sheet material to protect it during fabrication.  Roller tables feed into and out of the powered papering machine.

Dimple Jacket heat transfer surface can be applied to the bottom head as well as the shell.  A barrier coat of Thermalox will be applied before insulating and jacketing.

Much of the stainless welding still involves hand TIG, an acronym for Tungsten Inert Gas, also known as Heli-Arc.

Agitators are precisely aligned and shimmed prior to shipment to guarantee true running.

We hope this gives you some comfort that we are a match for your sanitary fabrication needs.

In-house drafting is on AutoCAD 2008. We can also read from, write to, and convert most 3-D formats as well.

Code pressure vessel and heat exchanger design uses Advanced Pressure Vessel software from Computer Engineering.

AMI tube-tube and Magnetech tube-tubesheet welders assure high quality, repeatable welds.

Our own high speed T-1 telecommunications drop and internal gigahertz network gives us fast transfer of CAD files, photos, and design information, to keep you in the loop at all times.  Questions or issues can be resolved very quickly with a digital photo.

DAVI 10 foot, four-roll  plate roll plus two smaller rolls for forming shells.

Vacuum sheet lifters allow mar-free handling of product surfaces.

Semi-automatic polisher extends into open shell or tubing.