Powder-handling components for the dairy industry being readied for shipment inside.

About Us

Our roots are deep in the skills and work ethic of Minnesota’s dairy heritage. The rocky terrain and outcroppings around St. Cloud in central Minnesota, earned St. Cloud the title of the Granite City.  The rough terrain that made crop farming so difficult also transformed the area into one of this country’s major dairy-producing areas, and as such the area has seen more than its share of stainless equipment.  This plethora of stainless equipment has provided the Central Minnesota area with an impressive infrastructure of stainless steel distributors and service people, and a wealth of skilled technicians and engineers specializing in the design and fabrication of stainless steel tanks, vessels, and other equipment. 


Seitz Stainless

Custom and Contract Fabrication of Stainless and Alloy Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, and Custom Equipment for Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, Beverage, and Semiconductor Applications



P.O. Box 100     Avon, MN 56310      320-746-2781     FAX 320-746-2782

Heat exchanger tubes being welded into the tubesheet of this two-pass evaporator using one of our automated tube-tubesheet welders.  Filler wire is applied at this step to assure chromium is not depleted from the weld, which would result in decreased corrosion resistance.

A smaller evaporator ready to leave the yard.

A typical vessel for the dairy industry, #4 finish inside and out, ready to be crated.

For over twenty years, Seitz Stainless, based near St. Cloud in the heart of Minnesota’s dairy country, has capitalized on that infrastructure, providing custom and contract manufacturing of stainless steel and high alloy-based equipment.  We can supplement your own manufacturing department to help you manage your shop loading, or we can become your manufacturing arm, allowing you the time and energy to concentrate on design and marketing without the binge and purge of fabrication capacity between projects, or the capital-intensive investment in fabrication equipment.

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Three evaporators leave the yard simultaneously and tag-team to California.

Who we are has a lot to do with where we’re located.

Email us at  sales@seitzstainless.com